• Refractory-Anchors


    We consistently manufacture & export
    a wide range of Refractory Anchors for the
    petrochemical, chemical, construction, furnace makers
    & many other industries including forging and steel.

  • Exotic-Metal-Fasteners

    Exotic Metal

    At Sunmach, we are proud manufacturers of exotic metal
    stainless-steel and high nickel-alloy special fasteners.
    We are one of the most respected hot forgers and
    producers of high-integrity fasteners in the Asia.

  • Exotic-Metal-Fabrication

    Exotic Metal

    Here at Sunrise Machination our professional´s
    expertise in deploying precise Fabrication to offer you
    the best Exotic Metal Fabrication facilities in High Nickel Alloys,
    Exotic Metals including Special Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrications.

  • Exotic-Metal-Machining

    Exotic Metal

    At Sunmach, unique set of standards is followed to deploy
    highly customized Nickel Alloys & Other Exotic Metals.
    This Exotic Metal Machining is manufactured in accordance
    to your drawing or specification.

  • Exotic-Metal-Stamping-Parts

    Exotic Metal
    Stamping Parts

    Sunmach follows strict concepts for complete delivery
    and meet the specifications of our valued customers.
    Our soul mission at Sunmach is to provide completely consistent
    Exotic Metal Stamping Parts product delivery.

  • Exotic-Metal-Piping-Products

    Exotic Metal
    Piping Products

    We have a completely equipped manufacturing unit
    for quality Pipe Fittings & Pipe Flanges.
    We have some expertise in making Fittings & Flanges in
    high nickel alloy, special steel & other exotic metals.

  • Exotic-Metal-Compression-Fittings

    Exotic Metal

    Compression Tube Fittings are the best option
    to sweating pipes together. These tube fittings
    guarantee a leak-free performance in the piping systems
    of the critical industries.