Sunmach offers you of globally standardized & customized Exotic Metal Products such as Refractory Anchors, Exotic Metal Fasteners, Exotic Metal Fabricated Products, Exotic Metal Machining Parts, Exotic Metal Piping Products, Exotic Metal Stamping Parts and Exotic Metal Compression Fittings. These Exotic Metal Products are mainly applicable in Defence Industries, Aviation Industries, Textiles Industries, Automobiles Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Forging Industries, Steel Industries, Furnace Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries and Construction Industries.

Over a period, we have built a desirable reputation because of our commitment to quality & timely delivery of the products. These products are extremely reliable and are available in different shapes and sizes. With the support of technical experts and vast industrial knowledge, we are able to provide top quality products to our end customers as per their drawing and specifications. These are manufactured with the international quality standard, so as to insure high performance at the client´s end.

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