Privacy Policy

Sunmach is totally dedicated to your security in any angle and monitors your own and business data to the best of our capacities. We know and see that the great and exciting growth of the Internet and all the sorts of online services has additionally brought sensible sympathy toward shoppers about what data is gathered, appropriated and accessible about them, and we need you to make sure that we generally consider and work with that determined and genuine responsibility to the greater part of our Internet exercises.

We have taken the appropriate steps to protect your Privacy while you are with us on web. Whenever you provide individual or business sensitive information – demographic data, individual data or a credit card number to make a purchase, we always take reasonable steps to secure it, such as encrypting this data. We additionally take sensible efforts to establish safety to ensure your own and business data away.

We don't and won't give any of your own or business data to different organizations or people without your specific request and permission. It is conceivable, however that we may need to give your name and conveyance location to outsiders that Sunmach utilizes for conveying particular services to you – like courier organizations if you have asked us to send something to you.

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