At Sunmach we consistently manufacture & export a wide range of Titanium Fasteners as like Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws & Studs / Threaded Rods exactly catering to our custome´s specifications or drawing with assured quality & timely delivery.

Titanium alloy has good tensile properties at room temperature, annealed material having a typical tensile strength of 1000-1100 MPa (145-160 ksi), and resists up to 300°C of about 570 MPa (83 ksi) for 0-1% total plastic strain in 100 hours. Heat treatment will give a guaranteed minimum tensile of 1100 MPa (160 ksi) for such applications as springs, bolts & other fasteners.

Titanium Fasteners Applications - Satellites, plating racks, cryogenic storage vessels, saline water conversion units, wet chlorine gas piping, seawater pumps, pulp and paper production, airplanes, yachts, jewellery, eyeglass frames, golf clubs, high current superconductors, offshore drilling equipment, dental implants and hip & knee replacements.

Alloy Common Name European UNS Download Data Sheet
Titanium Grade 2 - 3.7035 R50400 Alloy datasheet
Titanium Grade 5 - 3.7165 R56400 Alloy datasheet
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