Our greatest strength lies in deploying a huge range of spectacular shape of Exotic Metal Piping Product that consistently exactly catering to our client’s drawings and specifications.

Area     9500 Sq Feet Area
Company     25 people, experience - strength including "Skilled Machinist"
Size Range     Maximum for a Single Job
  • Latest Machining Facility
  • CNC Turning Centre
  • Milling Machines With DRO
  • Manual Turning Machines
  • Radial Drilling Machines
  • Notching Machines
  • Power Press & Hydraulic Press Facility
  • Air Compressor
  • Laser Marking Machine
Measuring Instruments        Calibrated from time to time
Stock Maintained

Sunmach maintains an adequate stock of raw material based on periodic orders of customers and to enhance the delivery time.

Alloys Round Bars Sheets Plates Wires
SS 304 / 304L arrow arrow arrow arrow
SS 316 / 316L arrow arrow arrow arrow
SS 309 / 309S arrow arrow arrow arrow
SS 310 / 310S arrow arrow arrow arrow
Duplex 2205 arrow arrow arrow -
Super Duplex 2507 arrow arrow arrow -
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