At Sunmach, every client is a treasure and hence each requirement is extremely valued.

We believe in delivering the best or nothing and hence our main area of focus is quality. We are concerned with 100% customer satisfaction with respect to every Exotic Metal Piping Product delivery. Every material used for the Exotic Metal Piping Product is manufacturing undergoes extensive testing during various stages of development. These quality tests are performed in-house as well as through external agencies to assure the quality strictly.

(Positive Material Identification)

PMI, X-Ray technology to determine the grade of material, is a mandatory test done on every single raw material we receive. The same test is repeated while issuing the material for the jobs to ensure the rest.
PMI is repeated at Final inspection as well.
These reports can be submitted to the end customers, if mutually agreed upon.

Hardness Testing

We perform hardness tests in-house when required by the customer or pre - specified

Test Done through External Agencies (on customer demand):
  • Corrosion testing
  • Impact testing
  • Tensile strength tests
  • RA Value
  • Chemical analysis tests
  • Proof Load Test
  • Any Other Test as per Customers Specification

Or any other specific certificates you may even witness these tests by yourself or through any external inspection agencies.

Every Exotic Metal Piping Products production is backed up by necessary certification at every stage of its development. These certificates can be presented to our clients as and when required.

Following is a list of various test certifications carried out at Sunmach:

  • PMI Test
  • Hardness - if specified by the end csutomer
  • Mechanical Test - if specified by the end customer

However, on demand & agreed upon, we can also provide all the documents involved in the production process including following test :

  • PMI Certificate
  • Original Material Mill Certificate
  • Independent Chemical Test Certificate Independent Mechanical Test Certificate
  • Certificates for Heat Treatment
Or Any Other Specific Certificates
You may even witness these test by yourself or through any external inspection agencies.

PMI - Positive Material Identification Test, an in-house facility, just to assure that the quality of our product is not compromised at any stage. The PMI test is done right from the initial stage at the time of dispatcher of the finalized product. Sunmach makes sure that every product being deployed is exactly catering to the client specifications.

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