Monel Stamp Parts

At Sunmach we consistently manufacture & export a wide range of Monel Stamp Parts exactly catering to our customer’s specifications and drawing with assured quality & timely delivery.

Monel is a solid solution binary alloy. It combines high strength as well as toughness over a wide temperature range with excellent resistance to many corrosive properties. It also displays excellent mechanical properties at sub-zero temperatures since Monel machined parts doesn't go through a ductile-to-brittle transition even at such temperatures. This alloy is strengthened by cold work and is promptly fabricated. Monel is a solid-solution alloy that can be hardened only by cold working.

Monel Stamp Parts Applications Areas - Marine applications, chemical processing, valves & pumps, chemical processing equipment, marine fixtures & fasteners, oil & gas industries, fresh water tanks, petroleum industries, process vessels & boiler feed water heaters, de-aerating heaters and other heat exchangers.

Alloy Common Name European UNS Download Data Sheet
Alloy 400 Monel 4002.4360 N04400Alloy datasheet
Alloy R-405 Monel R-405- N04405Alloy datasheet
Alloy K-500 Monel K-5002.4375 N05500Alloy datasheet
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