Nitronic Stamp Parts

At Sunmach we consistently manufacture & export a wide range of Nitronic Stamp Parts exactly catering to our customer’s specifications and drawing with assured quality & timely delivery.

Nitronic alloys give excellent mechanical properties at both sub-zero and high temperatures, impact resistance at low temperatures and superb resistance to elevated-temperature oxidation, but retain good weldability and fabricability, and remain non-magnetic even after extensive cold working.

Nitronic Stamp Parts Applications Areas - Pressure vessels, seawater pump shafts, heat exchangers, marine hardware, fasteners, wear rails, roller bearings, pump components, pins and bushings, mining equipment, well screens, mixing tanks, hose clamps, coal handling equipment: chute liners, screens, buckets.

Alloy Common Name European UNS Download Data Sheet
Nitronic - 30 - - S20400Alloy datasheet
Nitronic - 50 XM - 19- S20910Alloy datasheet
Nitronic - 60 Alloy 218 -S21800Alloy datasheet
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